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CTPark Amsterdam City: clean energy for transport & logistics

As of 2025, only electric transport will be permitted to supply Amsterdam’s city center. Recognizing this, CTP has turned this sustainability obligation into a business opportunity by developing Amsterdam's most sustainable logistics center. Koolen Industries is proud to be CTP’s dedicated partner for the total energy system.

The recently completed CTPark Amsterdam City has already achieved an impressive energy rating of A+++++, marking it the most sustainable XXL city hub in the Netherlands. Located in the port of Amsterdam, the building is intended to provide the city with emission-free supplies by road and water. We are proud that together we have realized this 100% sustainable energy system. From design to realization and ongoing optimization, we are working together on an energy system that not only works as efficiently as possible but is also a business model in itself.

Read and see more about this ambitious project on this page.


Solar roof with over 12,000 panels

  • 12.000 glass-glass panels

  • Expected yield of 5 million kWh per year (over 1500 households)

  • East/west positioning for the best energy yield spread over the day

  • Weighted construction due to extreme wind in this port area

Storage system of 1 MWh

  • SmartGrid LFP-battery storage system of 500 kVA/1 MWh

  • System is easily expandable with more storage containers

  • Store energy when prices are low, feed energy back at peak demand or when prices are high

12 DC & 200 AC charging points

  • 12 DC fast charge points with output of 240 kW

  • 200 AC charging points with output of 22 kW

  • AC chargers are vehicle-to-grid (V2G) ready. This means that the chargers can also supply energy from the car back to the building or the grid.

Tailored energy management system

  • Real-time insight and monitoring of all energy assets

  • Distribution of available energy across the chargers (load balancing)

  • Correct metering as the basis for invoicing and settlement of tenants

  • HBE administration, and more.


"Koolen Industries was our partner in working out our energy system fright rom the start. They are the supplier of all the energy assets. From the solar panels, the charging infrastructure, and the battery. In addition, they developed an Energy Management System specifically tailored for this building."
Paul Dijkstra, CFO CTPark Amsterdam City



This project was made possible by the energy solutions of:


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