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The Koolen Industries
group companies.

The Koolen Industries group companies comprise more than 20 leading organisations within the clean energy industry from generation to application, and beyond. 

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Clean energy generation

Companies that are manufacturing, installing, and servicing private & corporate solar installations every day.



Only the best is good enough.

BeSolar completes thousands of solar installations every year, setting themselves apart with selected top-quality products, an in-house installation team and free support services.

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BonGo Solar

Towards a more sustainable world through solar power.

BonGo Solar delivers thousands of solar power installations each year, offering its customers a free roof scan and the option to rent instead of purchase solar panels.

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Koolen Solar Projects

Choose for the future, choose for solar power.

Koolen Solar Projects provides solar power solutions to corporate customers, covering applications such as solar roofs, solar fields, and other specialized installations.

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Nova Volt

Solar panels without investment.

NovaVolt makes solar power accessible for any household, offering installations without upfront investment that are financed through the resulting savings on the customer’s energy bill.

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Koolen Installation Services

The installation specialist for sustainable solutions.

Koolen Installation Services is a specialized company that installs solar power solutions from small to large, according to the highest safety and quality standards.

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Clean energy storage

Businesses that are pioneering mobile, consumer & industrial energy storage solutions. 



Emission-free power supply at any location.

DENS makes silent Formic Acid or “Hydrozine” power generators with fuel cells that draw on easy fuel storage & transport and replace Diesel or gasoline generators, without producing any harmful emissions during operation.

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Super B

The power to be in charge with Super B.

Super B develops and manufactures lithium batteries that offer a tremendous amount of energy in a small, lightweight and maintenance-free box that’s robust, safe and reliable.

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Safe, scalable, simple energy storage solutions.

Smart Grid offers energy storage systems for industrial and mobile applications that can interface with smart technologies and cover needs from few kW up to several MW per hour.

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Battolyser Systems

Imagine.. Always Clean Energy.

Battolyser Systems pioneers a new category of dual-purpose energy storage solutions, combining electricity storage and hydrogen production in one robust, flexible and efficient system.

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Thermal energy storage. Large-scale, sustainable and cost-efficient.

Kraftblock is a highly efficient heat storage system that can buffer thermal energy at very high temperatures, designed to decarbonize power generation and industrial processes.

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The enabling technology for a 100% clean electricity supply.

Elestor’s breakthrough flow battery stores electricity at a fraction of the cost of traditional batteries, while relying on abundant materials and a robust, safe system design.

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Renewable energy. Anywhere.

GreenBattery runs a fleet of container-based, trailer-based and modular batteries that replace diesel generators to balance local grids and supply emergency power units.

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Proton Ventures

Empowering storage solutions. Chemicals, green energy and beyond.

Proton Ventures is a specialized engineering company that develops new or upgrades existing storage solutions through its expertise in boat-terminal concepts, NFuel and utilities.

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Clean mobility

Innovators that are building the future of clean, smart mobility, today.



Anything is possible through the power of the sun.

WeDriveSolar operates an all-electric car-sharing fleet throughout the Netherlands that charges on locally generated solar power through smart charging stations.

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Smart charging solutions for electric vehicles.

Floading offers an extensive range of smart EV charging stations for consumers, companies and public organizations that collectively enable a smart, collaborative electricity grid.

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Making business flow.

Urban Mobility Systems is a clean tech engineering business that provides electrification and hydrogen solutions for zero emission transport of people and goods.

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Hardt Hyperloop

Realizing the European hyperloop network.

Hardt Hyperloop is the European leader in the development of the hyperloop, a new transportation mode where vehicles move in airless tubes at over 1000 km/h with zero emissions.

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Digital platforms

Companies that provide the digital infrastructure for a smart, connected clean energy future.



Rent your clean energy solution with Skoon.

Skoon is a mobile clean energy marketplace, where ports, festivals, events, grid operators, construction sites, and more can rent a clean energy solution from suppliers sharing energy solutions. The SaaS-Enabled Marketplace accelerates the transition to decentralised flexible energy infrastructure.

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Get your own branded charging app. In a day.

DeftPower develops white-label branded EV charging apps that are connected to all major European charging point operators and give full control to the customer.

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Together, towards a smarter energy future.

Sympower is accelerating the global transition towards ‘net zero’ by helping to build smarter, cleaner renewable energy systems. Using our proprietary software platform, we help balance the supply and demand of electricity across international energy networks.

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Inhouse engineering & manufacturing

Full-service manufacturing firms that design & produce physical assets for the energy transition in-house.


Nieuwe Weme

We realise your solution together.

Nieuwe Weme is a full-service manufacturing business that conceptualises, produces, implements and services technical projects to highest standards as a team with their clients.

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Energy innovators

Organizations that are changing the game in other key areas, from home heating to education and much more.



Truly autonomous cleaning robots.

Aziobot develops simple and truly autonomous AI-powered commercial cleaning robots that use less water, charge faster and operate more efficiently than any alternative.

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EIT InnoEnergy

Accelerating sustainable energy innovations.

EIT InnoEnergy and its broad network of partners support and invest in sustainable energy innovation at every stage of the journey - from the classroom to the end-consumer.

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