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Our mission is to make clean energy the new normal for everyone.
Affordable. Attainable. Available.

At Koolen Industries we are working towards the rapid transition to a clean energy future powered by entrepreneurship and collective thinking.

This transition is a multi-disciplinary challenge, requiring many different perspectives, skill-sets, technology and resources. That's why we're focused on bringing together reliable technical solutions under one umbrella - for better collaboration and ultimately, a more streamlined energy transition from generation to application and beyond.

The case for clean energy
The need for a rapid transition to a clean energy future is globally recognised.

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The global warming challenege

A consensus has formed that an energy transition grounded in renewable sources and technologies is the only way to limit global warming.

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An international approach

Policy drivers, technology developments and international co-operation are helping to move renewables from niche to mainstream.

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A question of price

Renewable power technologies already dominate the global market for new electricity generation capacity as they have become the cheapest source of electricity.

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The future of energy

By 2050, electricity will be the main energy carrier and will reshape several sectors, most notably in transport, with electric vehicles coming to account for 80% of all road activity.