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Complete solutions for sustainable living: the story of Mr. Soekhai

In 2023, BeSolar has not only continued its growth but also made a leap towards an all-in-one clean energy offering for households. They serve customers at the highest level from their 19 physical stores in the Netherlands, with an astonishing 9.3 customer satisfaction score and an impressive 90% recommendation rate.

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"A company that offers everything under one roof"

Mr. Soekhai, an enthusiastic customer of BeSolar, shares his experience: "Everything under one roof," he says with a smile, "that was key for me. The convenience of finding everything from one party, BeSolar made that possible. Everything was perfectly arranged, and I received excellent help."

We had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Soekhai at his kitchen table and speak about his energy set-up.


Mr. Soekhai, how long have you been using BeSolar products?

''My first introduction to BeSolar was in February 2022 when we moved houses. I chose solar panels to generate energy myself and live a more environmentally conscious life." Mr Soekhai continues: "But last year, due to rising gas prices, I decided to explore the possibilities for a heat pump. Because of the excellent help I previously received from BeSolar, I went straight back to them for support. The heat pump was installed at my home in December 2022. The following year, air conditioning for our office and a charging station for my electric car followed.''

How has this now complete solution affected your energy consumption and costs?

''My monthly gas consumption has fallen enormously. Since we have the heat pump, I have saved about 70% per month compared to last year." Mr. Soekhai shows his BeSolar app, with which he keeps track of his energy production and consumption in real time. “We now use 33 cubic meters of gas per month.” Mr. Soekhai shows the levels of last November, well above 100 cubic meters. "A saving of more than 70% on my gas bill. This app is ideal for seeing exactly what is happening, including energy generation from my solar panels.''

When Mr. Soekhai wanted to make the change to electric driving, he again chose BeSolar. “With the friendly service I always received, it was absolutely clear whom I'd call for help. Everything under one roof, the convenience of finding all my products at the same place. If there is anything, I just have to call and it will be taken care of. That is worth its weight in gold.”

How did you experience BeSolar's service?

"From the first conversation to the different installations, it's been flawless. Excellent help and no worries. I would without a doubt recommend BeSolar to others who want to take sustainable steps!"

Mr. Soekhai's journey is an illustration of the quality and convenience of a complete energy solution for sustainable living, in which customers not only make a positive contribution to the energy transition, but also save costs.


Curious about how you can become more sustainable and save?

Visit one of the BeSolar stores and receive personal advice based on your situation.


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