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The Koolen Industries expert team members.

The Koolen Industries expert team are a collaborative, connected group with the shared goal of realising the rapid transition to clean, renewable energy.

Kees Koolen CEO Koolen Industries

Kees Koolen

Chief Executive Officer

Kees is an investor & entrepreneur with a passion for making technology accessible. He started Koolen Industries in 2019 after his success with Uber and


Boudenwijn Tans CFO Koolen Industries

Boudewijn Tans

Chief Financial Officer

Boudewijn’s financial career spans more than 16 years. Prior to joining Koolen industries, he worked with finance institutions Barclays, as well as Lazard, specializing in M&A, equity capital markets, and debt financing in the energy sector.

Rien Veldsick Business Development Manager Koolen Industries

Rien Veldsink

Business Development Manager

Rien brings a wealth of experience from his 16 years at leading engineering firm Movares, where he was working on a variety of innovative projects. He's passionate about Formula 1's new roadmap to demonstrate the successful implementation of synthetic and sustainable fuels.

Sjoerd Hendriksen Corporate Development Koolen Industries

Sjoerd Hendriksen

Corporate Development & M&A

Sjoerd has a passion for connecting technology and business models. His physics & econometrics education, and experience in M&A and finance, give him a unique advantage in his role at Koolen Industries.

Patrick de Klein IT Systems Koolen Industries

Patrick de Klein

IT System Administrator

Patrick is an experienced IT Administrator whose passion for a greener future lead him to Koolen Industries. As well as managing our day-to-day IT challenges, Patrick is currently working on integrating new group companies into the Koolen Industries IT ecosystem.


Robert Koole

Chief Development Officer

Robert brings years of experience in directing large, diverse teams toward a common goal. Combining prior experience as CEO at VSH with his chemical engineering background and extensive knowledge of the energy & construction industries make him an invaluable addition to the Koolen team.

Jos Blom Chief Strategy Officer Koolen Industries

Jos Blom

Chief Strategy Officer

Jos has more than 30 years of experience in the energy sector (from IT developments to future energy systems) and supports Koolen Industries’ renewable energy strategy. He has an education in biology, finance, IT, and energy.

Louis Willaert General Counsel Koolen Industries

Louis Willaert

General Counsel

Louis brings a wealth of knowledge to Koolen Industries as our general counsel. He specializes in litigation, contract law, and corporate governance, with more than 15 years of experience under his belt.

Niels Boomkamp Head of Subsidies and Grants Koolen Industries

Niels Boomkamp

Head of Subsidies & Grants

Niels is responsible for finding and raising capital from governmental institutions for Koolen Industries. He was educated at the University of Twente and is a specialist in the area of subsidies and grants.


Ahmed Afifi Profile.png

Ahmed Afifi

Chief Investment Officer

Ahmed adds a wealth of entrepreneurship and financial expertise to the Koolen Industries team. Having built 4 successful businesses from the ground up and served as CEO of Nebras Power, Ahmed looks after promising investments for Koolen Industries.

Marlien Groot Bronsvoort Head of Marketing Koolen Industries

Marlien Groot Bronsvoort

Head of Marketing

Marlien brings many years of professional expertise to her role as Head of Marketing including strategic development, talent retention, and team growth management. Her passion for a cleaner, greener energy future led her to Koolen Industries.

Woytek Bode Business Development Manager Koolen Industries

Woytek Bode

Business Development Manager

Having participated in the World Solar Challenge, Woytek is passionate about technology that helps build a better world. He's been involved in the start-to-finish development of new technical solutions throughout his career.

Jurgen Wieskamp Finance Director Koolen Industries

Jurgen Wieskamp

Finance Director

Jurgen is a registered accountant and finance control expert, with years of experience in accounting firms as well as a stint as a financial controller within the construction industry.


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