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EM2 Venue: Clean energy solutions for event venues

Energy neutral partying in Groningen! EM2 Venue & Events is Europe's first concert and event venue to run on its own renewable energy. Together with Koolen Energy Projects, EM2 worked on a solution that allows the venue to run on self-generated sustainable energy. Koolen Energy Projects developed a custom solution: own energy generation combined with energy storage.

The wish to become more sustainable, in combination with the fast rising energy prices, were reason for EM2 to orientate on the possibilities to combine sustainability and cost savings. Together with Koolen Energy Projects the idea was born to make not only the location, but also the events sustainable. EM2 now generates its own electricity with solar panels and stores it in large batteries. As a result, the energy generated during the day can be used in the evening during an event. A clean alternative to the polluting diesel generators EM2 used until then.

Read and see more about this leading project on this page.


Solar roof with 136 solar panels

  • 136 solar panels

  • Expected yield of 50,000 kWh per year

  • Average consumption of this location per 50,000 kWh per year

  • South-facing arrangement

  • Expected payback time < 4 years

Battery storage system 50 kWh

  • 50 kWh battery system

  • Sufficient to supply small evening events with self-generated power

  • For large performances or extreme peak demands, use the existing grid connection


"With the knowledge and development power of the Koolen Industries group, we believe that through smart applications of existing- and new technologies, the Netherlands can make the energy transition much faster"
Chris Garrit, EM2 owner


This project was made possible by the energy solutions of:


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