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Rent your clean energy solution with Skoon.

Skoon is a mobile clean energy marketplace, where ports, festivals, events, grid operators, construction sites, and more can rent a clean energy solution from suppliers sharing energy solutions. The SaaS-Enabled Marketplace accelerates the transition to decentralised flexible energy infrastructure.

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Skoon makes clean energy accessible.

Skoon connects energy asset providers and companies to make sharing clean energy easier than ever.

As explained by co founder Peter Paul, Skoon solves a key challenge for companies that have high-cost batteries, hybrid generators, and other key clean energy systems as part of their fleet, by creating an opportunity to generate revenue on those items when they are not in use. Meanwhile, commercial energy consumers can access mobile clean energy systems on-demand for their operations.

What Skoon delivers:


Skoon rental management software allows energy providers to manage and share their clean energy systems. The digital hub bridges the gap between supply and demand of clean energy, allowing customers to effortlessly access clean resources to power their operations.


“We as Skoon Energy facilitate a platform where you and I can easily book a battery of all sorts of formats”.. Peter Paul van Voorst tot Voorst, CEO

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