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The software for electric vehicle charging optimization.

Ampcontrol's AI-powered SaaS platform uses real-time data to optimize charging of electric vehicles to reduce energy costs, ensure full batteries, and avoid late departures.


Ampcontrol provides powerful software that solves key problems in the fast-growing electric vehicles market, such as congestion of the electric grid, expensive charging infrastructure updates, and high power demands.

Ampcontrol’s API-based platform uses vehicle and charging station data, such as the state of charge of batteries, the site’s power capacity, and energy tariffs, to maximize the efficiency of the charging site and vehicle operations. The software makes automatic charging decisions that balance the site’s power load, ensure on-time departures of all vehicles, and reduce energy costs.


Ampcontrol’s flexible software seamlessly connects to both new and existing systems, easily adapting to the customer’s needs and avoiding the installation of expensive hardware controllers.



“As the number of electric vehicles on the road increases and charging infrastructure expands, intelligent, efficient charging will not be just a nice-to-have. It will become a must-have.”
Joachim Lohse, Founder & CEO


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