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Accelerating emission-free transportation through smart charging with Ampcontrol

Electrification of the transport sector is key to phasing out fossil fuels and reducing emissions & pollution. But it goes further than that. We believe that hundreds of electric vehicles collectively forming a smart battery unlocks entirely new possibilities in the rapid transition to a clean energy future.

Following an earlier investment in Ampcontrol, the New York-based vehicle charging optimization company, we’re excited to welcome the team and their cutting-edge software solution to the Koolen Industries group and work with them to bring the benefits of smart charging to Europe.

Ampcontrol and Koolen Industries share the same belief that smart charging is one of the most promising ways to remove roadblocks to the rapid introduction of electrified transportation.

What is smart charging?

As EV adoption grows, the challenges that vehicle charging collectively places on our electricity infrastructure multiply. Smart charging is a solution for this. When we say ‘smart charging’, we mean introducing intelligent software, automated decision-making, and insights from data to a traditionally hardware-driven process to provide highly coordinated, efficient charging for electric vehicles.

comparison traditional and smart charging

The 3 key features of smart charging are:

Load management

To meet the high power requirements, smart charging optimizes the load distribution across all plugged-in vehicles and equipment to ensure efficient, reliable energy supply.

Dynamic pricing

Based on required availability, smart charging tailors charge timing to benefit from energy price differences.

Integrated energy system

When combined with delivery schedules, building energy needs, local renewables generation, and more, smart charging improves the overall energy efficiency of your busines

The benefits of smart charging with Ampcontrol

Ampcontrol has developed proprietary charging optimization software that is powerful, yet simple to implement and operate. Fleet managers, charging point operators, and more use Ampcontrol’s platform as the centerpiece of their charging operations. Using data from EV chargers, vehicles, and other systems, the software makes real-time decisions communicating directly to the charger’s OCPP backend. Depending on context and priorities, users can initiate optimization objectives through a simple web-based interface.

Save cost

Smart charging can lead to significant cost savings through smaller network connections, dynamic charging based on real-time energy prices, and lower initial infrastructure investments due to higher utilization.

Reduce peak power demand

Implementing Ampcontrol’s smart charging technology creates more charging capacity at lower peak power demand. This improves the feasibility of introducing charging infrastructure at locations that were previously considered impossible. One of Ampcontrol’s customers, Revel, achieved an impressive 45% reduction in peak power consumption of their ‘Superhub’ public fast-charging facility.

Guarantee availability

Considering vehicles' State of Charge (SOC), site capacity, and delivery schedules & distances, Ampcontrol’s software coordinates charging to ensure every vehicle is ready to go on time. The charging optimization is a real-time, completely automated process that does not require any operator action, training, or input.

Implement with ease

Compatible with most modern EV charging systems, smart charging software can be implemented easily without any hardware modifications. In a recent project together with Koolen Industries group company Floading, the team implemented Ampcontrol’s cloud software for 50 chargers in less than a day.

Get started with smart charging

At Koolen Industries, we’re committed to providing integrated, turn-key energy solutions together with our group companies. Smart charging is a key piece of the puzzle in the energy transition and with Ampcontrol’s charging optimization software, we’re ready to accelerate EV adoption in Europe.

If you’re facing a charging challenge, we’d love to hear from you!


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