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The clean energy system to power your business

Our future-proof clean energy solutions can power your business.

Whether you experience problems accessing a stable grid connection, have a charging challenge for electric cars and trucks, or you would like to reduce your energy expenses and lower your dependency on gas -
Koolen Industries has a solution for you.

Discover our clean energy

Koolen Industries offers integrated energy solutions for businesses both large and small, energy-intensive or not - we call it the one-stop-shop.

By combining modular, proven solutions like solar generation, battery storage, smart charging and EMS software, we work as your trusted partner, transforming complex projects into powerful deliverables.


How we work
We invest in clean energy, enable our group companies and deliver reliable, turn-key solutions.

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the challenge

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the solution

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the technology

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the project

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for the future

How We Work

The different elements of our integrated solution:

BeSolar Industrial Installation.jpg
Storage Icon.png

Solar generation

Floading IKEA truck charger.jpg
EV Charging Icon.png

Smart charging

Battery Containers.png
Battery Icon.png

Battery storage

EMS Systems #1.jpg
EMS Software Icon.png

EMS software

Our Solutions

Frequently asked questions
Answers to some of our most commonly asked one-stop-shop-related questions:


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