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We Drive Solar

Anything is possible through the power of the sun.

We Drive Solar operates an all-electric car-sharing fleet throughout the Netherlands that charges on locally generated solar power through smart charging stations.


We Drive Solar is a 100% electric fleet always at your disposal.

With WeDriveSolar, you have access to a sustainable alternative to your own car. Since 2016, the WeDriveSolar team has realized hundreds of bi-directional charging poles and operates shared EV’s in more than 20 cities all over the Netherlands. Their flexible subscriptions are designed to replace car ownership at scale.

But We Drive Solar’s solution is not only a consumer mobility service. They look at a structural improvement of living spaces in cities and integrating electricity demand and generation from buildings with battery storage in cars through bi-directional charging capabilities.


We Drive Solar has helped pioneer the world’s first bidirectional city in a groundbreaking collaboration with NieuweWeme. Together, the two Koolen Industries group companies helped transform Utrecht’s shared electric vehicle (EV) network, designing, delivering and optimizing a clean mobility solution that contributes to the local electricity network.

The innovative project harnesses locally generated solar energy, storing it in the batteries of EVs, and utilizes vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology to feed excess energy back into the grid during peak demand or potential power outages.

The success of the project has been recognized with the ISGAN Award of Excellence by the International Energy Agency, inspiring future plans to expand the bi-directional city concept to other cities and create a positive impact on a larger scale.

"We offer a fleet of electric shared cars as a kind of large 'virtual power plant' to the energy system, in order to subsequently make the system more sustainable and also to become wiser ourselves”.
Robin Berg, CEO


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