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Heat panels for a better climate

Greeniuz delivers the most energy efficient heatingpanels. Which enables a better indoor climate for private and commercial spaces within a single day.


Greeniuz is on the journey of introducing infra-red powered heating as a main heating system. The team brings together more than 15 years of experience in infra-red heating panels and a variety of other strategies to improve the energy efficiency residential and commercial buildings. Their mission is to provide every Dutch home and business with comfortable and zero-emission heating systems.

Through smart software, customers can control their greeniuz heating system remotely from their phones or through a thermostat. Since panels and rooms can be controlled individually, a personalised smart heating experience can be created.


Since the greeniuz heating system is modular and 100% electric, most households that choose for greeniuz see their home transformed to clean heating with heat panels in just a single day as opposed to long lead times and construction works for other solutions.

From individual rooms to smaller apartments and larger homes, the surface, amount and location of the panels can be tailored to create a perfect indoor climate.


“1,5 Million Dutch households need to be taken off the natural gas grid by 2030. Our main heating system is a smart alternative to existing solutions.”
Dirk Bellemakers, Director


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