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Safe storage. Scalable design. SmartGrid.

As renewable electricity generation continues to grow and clean applications advance rapidly, the state of the electricity grid is quickly becoming the #1 factor limiting the speed of the energy transition.

That’s why SmartGrid provides tailored solutions that link large-scale clean energy generation with existing electricity networks in a simple way.


The SmartGrid team are experts in their field with more than 10 years of experience with battery systems. SmartGrid provides flexible energy storage systems for industrial and mobile applications.

Whether you're looking to influence your electricity costs, have more control of your power availability, win contracts with sustainability requirements, or simply be a part of the transition to clean energy, SmartGrid has your back.

The SmartGrid product promise:


Robust practices that prioritise safety and security at every turn.



“We believe that every single person on the SmartGrid team has the opportunity and the obligation to make a difference, as we are in this change together.” Rob Engelen, CCO


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