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Introducing Shaheer Nawaz: Q&A with Software Control Engineer at SmartGrid

Hengelo, The Netherlands, September 6, 2022

We sat down with SmartGrid Software Control Engineer Shaheer Nawaz to find out a little more about his work within the Koolen Industries group and why he is passionate about the energy transition.

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This month we thought it was high time to introduce some of the fantastic people who work at Koolen Industries' 25+ group companies. To kick things off, we sat down with Shaheer to deep dive into his role at SmartGrid and within the wider Koolen Industries group.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Shaheer, it's great to have you here! Could you please introduce yourself briefly and let everyone know a little about your role within the Koolen Industries group?

Shaheer: Of course! My name is Shaheer Nawaz, and I work at SmartGrid as a control software engineer. The main focus of my role is determining control requirements and developing, testing & implementing the software for energy storage systems. That sounds like quite a challenging role, what exactly does a typical work day look like for you?

S: A typical workday consists of some technical meetings, software development, and testing. The balance between theoretical and hands-on work is something I really like about my work routine. You're based in Hengelo at The Green Box - could you tell us a little about what it's like working at a cleantech campus? S: I really enjoy working at The Green Box. It’s refreshing to work in a space where you are not only boxed into your own developments but also get to see the developments being in made other sectors that are also important for the energy transition.

The transition to clean energy is a shared goal for all the group companies within Koolen Industries, but why is it an important idea for you?

S: For me, the clean energy transition is the change we need to sustainably produce, store and transport energy with the goal to keep our planet cleaner for future generations. It's about more than just us as individuals. Identifying the difficulties of the clean energy transition and developing software solutions that have a direct impact has been a challenge I've really enjoyed taking on, alongside my colleagues who share the same passion. Thanks for sharing that with us. Is there a clean energy project you've been particularly proud to be involved with?

S: Contributing to developing the SG10 energy storage unit at SmartGrid has been something I have really enjoyed. The unit is built with A-grade Lithium Iron Phosphate cell technology and can support all of sorts of energy storage challenges - which is exactly what the world needs right now!

You've been a part of Koolen Industries and SmartGrid for a while now, what qualities do you think are important to be successful within the group?

S: Being a good listener, customer-focused and proactive seem like the most important qualities to me. There are many challenges that come with the energy transition, and it is important to understand the challenge before you step out to solve it. In the end, that is what makes our products the ideal solution rather than just another appliance.

Well said! And what would your advice be to anyone looking to start a clean energy career with the Koolen Industries group?

S: Given the energy transition is not a problem for only one sector of industry, it’s fascinating to be part of an organization that is taking this challenge on from multiple fronts: from mobility to power generation to storage. If you are curious about what sort of innovations are taking place to accelerate the energy transition, this a great place to feed your curiosity!


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