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Smart charging for electric trucks with Koolen Industries

After rapid developments in the past few years, electric trucks have become a fully-fledged alternative to regular fossil-fuel-powered trucks. An increasing number of OEMs are now releasing ranges of electric heavy-duty trucks that are not only more distinctive and sustainable but can potentially even operate at a lower cost per kilometre than their standard fuel counterparts.

Electric truck charging station

The advantages of smart charging

Modern truck charging infrastructure is crucial for integrating electric trucks into a mixed fleet and utilizing their full potential. At Koolen Industries, we combine technologies for clean energy generation, battery storage, and powerful charging stations with smart software to offer a complete, integrated solution for smart truck charging.

100% availability

Smart charging processes data from delivery schedules, state-of-charge, electricity prices, available network connections, and local renewables generation to guarantee on-time departures.

Lower costs

Intelligent software automates decision-making to optimize electric truck charging processes, which leads to cost savings.

Ready for the future

With powerful insights derived from smart charging software, the electric truck fleet becomes an integrated part of the overall energy management system of a business or location.

Start with smart charging

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