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Right-now solutions to power emission-free construction sites

Today’s construction sites are a major source of harmful greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution and noise in both rural and urban areas. And like most other aspects of life, the industry is in a transition towards a clean future. But the task is enormous, with more than 150.000 mobile machinery and equipment still running on Diesel in The Netherlands alone

Why invest in zero-emission capabilities?

With the construction sector being responsible for 23% of global CO2 emissions, national and municipal governments have a strong interest in a rapid transformation towards net-zero as an essential part of reaching their committed climate goals.

Many governments also take an active role in this transition. The Netherlands, for example, recently introduced subsidies for the construction sector that promise financial support for up to 50% of the cost of converting existing equipment to clean technologies or purchasing new, electric equipment, such as battery containers, chargers or machinery.

Getting your business ready for emissions-free construction is a future-proof business strategy to excel in a changing industry.




Minimize negative environmental impacts

Electrification and other fossil-free technologies minimize the negative impact of machinery and equipment on the immediate environment.

Win contracts for regulated projects

As governments and other developers require or prefer green & clean construction, builders with zero-emission capabilities are ahead of the curve.

Increase construction site productivity

Electric equipment delivers more data, costs less to operate in the long-term and produces less noise, which allows for extended work hours.


While individual technologies are important, integrated solutions that enable carbon-free operation at every stage of the construction value chain are the key. Working with Koolen industries, you have a single partner with a vast portfolio of technologies and expertise to tackle any challenge - from clean energy generation to application and beyond.

Optimise electricity supply through storage

When local grid connections are absent or limited, we supply a series of smart container-based energy storage options to increase output and power zero-emission operations in remote areas - from batteries to Hydrozine solutions.

Heavy-duty machinery charging

To optimise availability of equipment, we offer two-sided smart charging solutions for anything from small power tools to heavy duty vehicles.


Working towards emission-free construction? Talk to us!


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