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How Koolen Industries group companies optimise electricity grids today

Koolen Industries group companies work with leading firms and operators to optimise their local grid circumstances, from generation to application. Read on to explore some of the projects.


Vattenfall & Sympower

Vattenfall partners with Sympower to provide flexibility for Sweden’s new fast frequency reserves (FFR), controlling approximately 60MW worth of assets.


Eaton & SmartGrid

Eaton has engaged SmartGrid to provide advanced energy storage solutions for the Netherlands’ first DC mini-grid.


WeDriveSolar for Virtual Power Plant

WeDriveSolar’s V2G-ready fleet of electric cars is decreasing net congestion problems in the city of Utrecht, the Netherlands.



GMB engaged DENS to supply a Hydrozine generator to power projects where there is no, or only a limited, grid connection.


Do you have a grid infrastructure challenge? Talk to us!


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