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Koolen Industries and Skoon Energy sign partnership

Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 12 June 2019.

Skoon Energy and Koolen Industries have signed a partnership agreement whereby Koolen Industries invests in Skoon Energy. The companies are eager to work closely together and accelerate the energy transition. “By joining forces, our companies are able to combine resources and knowledge, offering complete energy transition solutions to meet increasing demand for sustainable mobile energy storage”, according to Kees Koolen.

Skoon team and Kees Koolen standing together
Peter Paul van Voorst tot Voorst (Founder/CEO Skoon Energy), Daan Geldermans (Co-Founder/COO Skoon Energy), Kees Koolen (Chairman/CEO Koolen Industries).

Koolen Industries is an ambitious and innovative player in offering complete energy transition solutions. They have recently invested in a lithium battery and charging infrastructure company and are on their way to close more relevant investments in the energy sector. Skoon Energy’s battery sharing concept is a perfect addition to this portfolio and is expected to play a significant role in facilitating the energy transition. This concept consists of enabling and managing a network of mobile energy solutions, such as containerized batteries (Skoonboxes).


Since its conception, Skoon Energy worked on developing a unique platform (Skoon Cloud) to facilitate optimal utilization of such containerized batteries. On this platform, companies can either offer or order their mobile energy storage. In addition the platform offers access to various data sets available around the application. Users can place orders and track Skoonboxes in real time. By automating all operational logistics, the platform allows for smooth allocation of smart mobile energy storage solutions. Skoon Cloud is designed from experience and open to all mobile energy assets.

Peter Paul van Voorst tot Voorst (CEO Skoon) and Kees Koolen (Chairman/CEO Koolen Industries).

Peter Paul van Voorst tot Voorst, CEO of Skoon Energy is excited about the collaboration: “Kees’ experience as CEO of and key player in Uber’s entrance in Europe will contribute a lot, by bringing valuable experience in digital businesses to the further development of Skoon and the Skoon Cloud”. On the short term, Koolen Industries and Skoon will focus on the continued growth of the company. The collaboration will also accelerate the development of the first marketable Skoonboxes to service a variety of mobile applications. This will be key in the market-wide adaptation of sharing mobile energy through Skoon Cloud.

Skoon Energy and Koolen Industries are looking forward to continuing to offer state of the art mobile clean energy storage solutions.


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