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4 highlights: Knowledge and technology collaboration at The Green Box

The Green Box - homebase of the Koolen Industries headquarters - has seen some exciting new collaborations during the first half of this year, from joint sustainability improvements, new (group) companies establishing themselves at The Green Box, to an industry-leading event. At Koolen Industries, we’re excited to unite our group companies and others in the energy sector to accelerate the transition to a green energy future. Below, we’re taking a look back at 4 top collaboration highlights at The Green Box in 2023 so far!

​Never heard of The Green Box?

The Green Box cleantech campus located in Hengelo, The Netherlands is a collaborative space where companies and talent work together to fast-track the energy transition.

Founded by Kees Koolen in 2020, the campus is a dedicated hub for clean energy entrepreneurship, product innovation, and production.

The cleantech campus consists of its unique energy hub where advanced technologies are integrated to provide the campus with clean energy. By 2026, The Green Box aims to run exclusively on 100% sustainable energy.

At the heart of The Green Box’s mission is facilitating collaboration between cleantech companies, educational and research institutions, and governments to accelerate and realize cleantech innovation.

The Green Box is home to 17 companies (and counting!), each actively innovating, creating, and implementing energy solutions for a clean energy future.

Want to learn more? Visit The Green Box

1. Finalizing The Green Box’ solar roof with Koolen Energy Projects

The Green Box is on an ambitious journey to become Europe's most innovative cleantech campus, and it shows no sign of slowing down! The campus, which was previously an industrial site, is undergoing an impressive transformation to become a sustainable energy hub. With 18 000 solar panels installed over the past two years by our group company of Koolen Energy Projects, The Green Box powers an impressive 80,000 m2 of existing offices, production halls, test locations, and electric vehicle chargers.

Solar roof installed at The Green Box in collaboration with Koolen Industries group companies

2. Expanding the ‘real-life-test-charging-plaza’ with 5 DC chargers from GRID

And there’s good news for those driving an EV! Besides the existing 30 AC charging points from We Drive Solar and Floading, Koolen Industries Group Company GRID recently installed 5 DC chargers with each 2 charging points at The Green Box. The total charging capacity on The Green Box is now 40 cars. Charging sessions are managed by intelligent software, enabling load-balancing and tuning with the on-site Solar PV production. The Green Box has its own account for HBE’s, and is accredited with “100% green charging electricity” which adds an extra financial benefit to every kWh charged into an EV. For that reason, the charging rate can be as low as E0,19/kWh. And the EV drivers may park right up front at the main entrance.

The charging plaza at The Green Box with several charging stations from group companies of Koolen Industries is meant to be a live test case for Koolen Industries. Here we learn what customers encounter in practice so that we can serve them as well as possible.

GRID charging technology installed at The Green Box

3. Group companies Vigor and BeSolar recently settled as tenants on campus

Recently, The Green Box welcomed two new Koolen Industries group companies on its thriving campus:


Vigor Charging's core mission is to empower municipalities, government agencies, and businesses in their journey toward a sustainable and eco-friendly future with electric transport.

The charging technology, proudly manufactured on-site at The Green Box, truly reflects the remarkable work accomplished on campus. Boasting advanced features such as the Intelligent Charging Station Management System and cutting-edge bidirectional charging technology developed by WeDriveSolar, Vigor Charging is poised to take the lead in its field. By merging sustainability and innovation, the company offers practical solutions that will contribute to the creation of future-proof green cities.


Also joining the campus is none other than BeSolar. They recently opened their BeSolar experience center on The Green Box with tailor-made solutions for commercial and residential use. From solar panels, heat pumps, air conditioners, batteries, and charging stations; their innovative products and forward-thinking approach make BeSolar the perfect addition to The Green Box.

4. Industry-leading knowledge sharing: a successful Koolen Industries Summer Event

As a hub for collaboration, The Green Box was the perfect setting for the Koolen Industries Summer Event. The buzzing occasion saw nearly 450 entrepreneurs, advisors, and clean energy professionals come together to discuss the boundless opportunities of the energy transition. From insightful keynote speakers, engaging breakout sessions, a networking drink and bbq, and a tour of the campus; the agenda was filled with valuable knowledge, innovation, and enthusiasm for the future.

Wrapping it up

The first half of this year has been filled with great collaborations between Koolen Industries, group companies, and The Green Box. From sustainability improvements led by Koolen Energy Projects and GRID, new group companies Vigor and BeSolar joining as tenants, and an industry-leading event. It’s a firm reminder of the importance of knowledge-sharing and collaboration as we strive toward a cleaner and greener future.

Together we can make clean energy the new normal for everyone.


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