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Hardt Hyperloop

Leading the European hyperloop network.

Hardt Hyperloop is the European leader in the development of the hyperloop, a new transportation mode where vehicles move in airless tubes at over 1000 km/h with zero emissions.


The team at Hardt Hyperloop are hyper focussed on building a smart, clean alternative to short-haul flights. Their next-gen technology is currently in the testing phase at Europe’s first-ever Hyperloop test facility in Delft. Here, the fully-functional core hyperloop system, including levitation, propulsion, lane-switch, and the vacuum environment are being put through their paces.

Hardt understand the complexities of connecting the world through Hyperloop, which is why they collaborate with governments, leading industries and first-rate institutions globally to achieve their goals. The Hyperloop infrastructure model:


The Hyperloop steel tubes can be built both above and below ground, giving the system the flexibility to traverse all sorts of terrain. The tubes are designed to supress any sounds generated by the Hyperloop vehicles, ensuring minimal noise pollution compared to traditional modes of transport.




“Hardt is about the future of transport. No boundaries, no limitations”. Tim Houter, Co-founder


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