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EcoMobiel 2022: 3 days of clean energy knowledge, technology and closing deals in Den Bosch

Ecomobiel is one of Europe's largest platforms for sustainable mobility & mobility management combining Vakbeurs Energie symposium, the Vakbeurs Industrial Heat & Power trade show, and Platform PREFAB.

SmartGrid stand at EcoMobiel event

Held across 3 days, the event brings together cutting-edge technology from a myriad of local & global producers at the forefront of the clean energy transition.

Several of the Koolen Industries group companies attended the 2022 Ecomobiel in the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch, showcasing their innovative solutions to a diverse crowd including homeowners, developers, industry professionals, and clean energy enthusiasts. Being involved in events like the Ecomobiel is incredibly important for our group companies, allowing them to connect with other organizations working toward the energy transition, problem-solve with potential clients face-to-face, and close deals that secure future innovation.

For those of you who were unable to attend this stellar event, we’ve put together a short recap to take you through the exciting things on offer from the Koolen Industries group at Ecomobiel 2022.

Smart collaboration from SmartGrid, NieuweWeme, and We Drive Solar

The combined stand from our group companies SmartGrid, NieuweWeme, and We Drive Solar was a highlight of the event, showcasing the power of integrated solutions over individual technologies. Featuring an advanced energy storage system from SmartGrid, a custom charging unit from NieuweWeme, and an EV from We Drive Solar’s V2G-ready fleet, this is the kind of solution that the Koolen Industries group develops collaboratively. The result for the customer? One system where all components work flawlessly together.

But the stand was more than just a place to meet. Talking about clean energy technology is exciting, but talk alone does not lead to the outcomes we need. So we’re proud that, amongst others, SmartGrid announced a new collaboration during the event, delivering 4 battery systems to Genpower BV’s rental fleet of storage solutions.

Learn more about our integrated solutions here, or get in touch with the teams at SmartGrid, NieuweWeme, and We Drive Solar.

Energy excellence from Elestor

Elestor has recently raised €30M VC funding to commercialise and roll out their breakthrough energy storage technology to more customers in more countries. As a regular at the Vakbeurs Energie, they’ve also doubled their stand size this year, bringing along more team members to explain the inner workings of their technology.

Although their technology is complex, their promise is simple: electricity storage at an unrivalled cost level. Curious about how they can help with your large-scale storage challenge? Learn more about Elestor here.

Going green with Greeniuz

Greeniuz is the maker of modern infrared heating panels that allow households to cut their natural gas connections and heat their homes with new, smart technology. As part of the Vakbeurs Energie, the team put up a beautiful stand with lots to see and do.

The Greeniuz panels are usually installed in the ceiling, so their stand was built like a tiny house, complete with a ceiling that featured several built-in infrared heating panels. This impressive set-up allowed visitors the chance to experience the look and feel of the Greeniuz heating system first-hand.

To make the switch to clean, emission-free heating even easier, Greeniuz is utilizing their recently launched interactive scan that determines whether your building is suited to infrared panels. You simply enter your postal code, some information about window glass types and energy usage, and the tool spits out an early estimate for the required investment and the potential savings their solution can deliver. You can try it yourself here (in Dutch)

Ecomobiel was a huge success for Greeniuz with the team securing hundreds of orders from the three-day event.

Financial finesse for cleantech companies

As part of the Financing Masterclass, a half-day workshop covering everything that cleantech startups need to know about raising funds, Koolen Industries specialist Niels Boomkamp gave a session on Koolen Industries’ approach to VC investing. Koolen Industries is a cleantech investor that goes far beyond just giving money. We’re a VC that’s actively involved and invested in the success of the companies we participate in.

One piece of advice that Niels shared during the session was: go for relevance. Your chances of success multiply when you approach VCs that regularly invest in companies or technologies that are similar to your own. And don’t forget a tailored pitch.

If you have any questions about VC investments, financing or subsidies, get in touch with Niels or Chief Financial Officer Boudewijn Tans.

Dialling down emissions with DENS

DENS, the maker of emission-free Hydrozine generators, brought along one of their project partners to present a recent success story; an emission-free road restoration as part of a maintenance contract with the Dutch province of Brabant.

The team covered everything from emission-free machinery at the construction site, but also EV transport options for employees to the site. They placed one of DENS’ cutting-edge Hydrozine generators on the site that silently generated clean power to charge employees’ cars and idle equipment during the day while charging other key pieces of machinery during the night.

Here are two of the key learnings they shared:

DENS takeaways from presentation

Get in touch with the team at DENS if you want to introduce silent, emission-free power generation to your next project.


Overall, the three-day event was a truly memorable experience for everyone involved. An intersection point of knowledge, technology and curiosity where experts and enthusiasts were able to come together.

Our group companies were able to have real conversations and close many deals, bringing us closer to our goal of realising the rapid transition to clean, renewable energy.


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