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Integrated, tailor-made, turn-key solutions.
We call it the one-stop-shop.

At Koolen Industries, we combine experience & expertise to identify, develop and integrate solutions that support your rapid transition to a clean energy future. And we don't stop there. 

Koolen Industries customers have our long-term guarantee for project success and ongoing optimisation as technology evolves.

Tailor-made energy solutions
We're driven by solving even the most demanding energy challenges ahead of us.

Electrified city grid

Grid solutions & optimisation

Whenever your local electricity grid becomes a limiting factor, we can help you bridge that gap and realise your project.

Machinery on an emission-free construction site

Emission-free construction

Decrease local CO2-emissions and reduce noise pollution of your construction site with Koolen Industries.

White solar powered car on charge

Smart charging through solar

Close the loop and realise emission-free electric transport powered by on-premise solar energy generation.


To meet the rapid growth in demand for clean mobile energy, we have to grow quickly. It is essential to have strong partners like Koolen Industries that understand how important the transition to renewable energy really is.

GreenBattery CEO Hans Huiskamp

​Han Huiskamp

CEO GreenBattery


How we work
We invest in clean energy, enable our group companies and deliver reliable, turn-key solutions.

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the challenge

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the solution

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the technology

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the project

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for the future

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Why choose Koolen Industries?

Koolen Industries is not here to sell you a product - we’re here to solve your clean energy challenges. Our solution-based approach is determined by your unique needs. Your success is our success.

While our group companies focus on creating leading technological solutions, we are not limited to working with our own companies. Whether the best product for your challenge comes from one of our group companies or a competitor, we focus on what YOU need and work with whoever can best service your needs.

Technology is evolving quickly, and so will your Koolen Industries solution. After a smooth installation, we will continue to optimise your solution, improving your technology and unlocking new renewable energy opportunities for you.



We don't just sell products. We deliver solutions for even the most complex challenges, that work in harmony with your existing infrastructure.


Your needs define the way we work. We believe in finding the best solution, even if that means working with our competitors.


Our team manages your project from A to Z. We guarantee a streamlined hassle-free solution that is ready for immediate use. 

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