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Driving the rapid transition to a clean energy future

Our mission is to make clean energy the new normal for everyone.
Affordable. Attainable. Available.

We invest in clean energy technologies, enable our group companies, and deliver right now solutions for right now problems our customers face today.

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Koolen Industries was our partner in working out our energy system right from the start. They are the supplier of all the energy assets. From the solar panels, the charging infrastructure, and the battery. In addition, they developed an Energy Management System specifically tailored for this building."

Paul Dijkstra, CFO

CTPark Amsterdam City

Latest news

Recent updates from within the Koolen Industries group. From energy industry updates to Q&A's, investment announcements and much more.


We invest.

We invest in clean energy technologies that tackle real-world challenges.


Do you have a clean energy challenge?
We have the solution!

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