Driving the rapid transition to a clean energy future

We invest in clean energy technologies, enable our group companies and deliver reliable, turn-key solutions. From generation to application.

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We invest.

We invest in clean energy technologies that tackle real world challenges.

Why? Because the rapid transition to clean energy needs right-now solutions for right-now problems.

We enable our group companies to work together toward a new normal.


At Koolen Industries, we foster connections between innovative businesses so we can move more quickly towards a sustainable future.


We enable.

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We deliver.

We deliver reliable solutions that make clean energy accessible for everyone.

Whether it’s clean electricity generation, smart mobility, energy storage, or future-proof software - our one-stop-shop has a solution.

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Our mission is to make clean energy the new normal for everyone.
Affordable. Attainable. Available.

Being part of Koolen Industries has enabled us to make a giant leap as a company. We are now growing and improving our business substantially, and are able to provide even better clean energy and mobility solutions to our customers.

Robin Berg, CEO We Drive Solar


Do you have a clean energy challenge?
We have the solution!