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BBC World Service: Kees Koolen welcomes US commitment to clean energy

Hengelo, The Netherlands, 19 January 2021

US President elects Joe Biden’s Green New Deal and the new administration’s commitment to long-term investment in renewable energy, efficiency improvements and emissions controls have been welcomed by Kees Koolen, Chairman and CEO of clean energy conglomerate Koolen Industries. 

In an interview with BBC World Service radio, which has a 319 million strong global audience, Koolen said he believes it will make a tremendous difference that the US government, like other governments, is prepared to work with entrepreneurs and companies to make the transition to clean energy happen.

The energy transition will help create new, green jobs and green economic growth, at a time when the world is climbing out of recessions caused by the Covid-19 crisis, and many of these new jobs will be more interesting, according to Koolen.

“We’ll need to…

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