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Koolen Industries company Energy Experience Group renamed, as part of holistic strategy

Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, 8 July 2020

Koolen Industries Solar is the new name of Energy Experience Group (EEG). This is part of a holistic strategy that aims to integrate energy generation more closely with business areas such as clean energy storage and distribution as well as with user applications.

Koolen Industries Solar’s corporate installations arm will also be renamed, changing from Energy Experience Installatie Services to Koolen Installation Services.

“We have grown quickly since Koolen Industries acquired EEG last year, and we are growing into our new role as an integral part of something much bigger, namely a group that wants to make sure clean energy is available for everyone, whenever and wherever they need it. This rebranding will help our customers understand how our solar panels can be used in combination with many other applications, such as charging infrastructure, lithium batteries or other kinds of clean energy storage,” said Alfred Breggeman, CEO, Koolen Industries Solar.

“Such integrated thinking will also help…

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