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Koolen Industries is all about smart energy

Imagine renewable energy always being available. Whenever and wherever you need it. Reliable and safe. Made possible by ingenious software. That’s what we call smart energy.

As Koolen Industries, it is our mission to enable everyone to contribute to the energy transition. By using energy from the wind or the sun. By making sure it is there, whenever you need it. By providing you an autonomous life, independent of the grid. Or by sharing and trading energy with others that want to contribute to a better world too.

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About Kees Koolen

Kees Koolen, investor and entrepreneur, known from Booking.com and Uber, founded Koolen Industries in 2019. Kees is passionate about making technology accessible. By means of Koolen Industries everyone will be able to contribute to the energy transition.


Energy storage
G2V and V2G
Charging capabilities
Grid balancing
Starter batteries
Sharing and trading of energy

Press release

More focus needed to enable energy transition

Split-off Lithium Werks and Koolen Industries offers new opportunities
Hengelo, the Netherlands, 11 January 2019

Battery and energy storage specialist Lithium Werks today announced to specialize in order to achieve their mission to enable the energy transition. The business continues in two group companies: Koolen Industries (www.koolenindustries.com) and Lithium Werks. The split will enable the company to respond more rapidly to the enormous growth that it is experiencing. Koolen Industries, a Dutch company with Kees Koolen in charge, focusses on smart energy and helps people and companies to contribute to the energy transition. Koolen Industries is 100% owner of Super B in Hengelo, developer and manufacturer of lithium batteries.

"When you grow as fast as we did last year, there are many things that need your attention," said Kees Koolen, now founder of Koolen Industries. "We worked on so many things at the same time, from three continents, that we simply could not act fast enough. By splitting in two, each company can focus on his part while both work on their higher goal: facilitating the energy transition." Koolen Industries, including Super B, focuses on smart clean energy storage, electrification, conversion from lead acid to lithium and on starter batteries, for which Super B has built a known brand for years. Initially with Europe as a focus region. "The market is growing very fast, there are countless opportunities to develop as a company. It is good that we now each choose our own specialization, so that we can focus. For us this means concentration on smart energy and superior product development, backed by a team of about 20 engineers and a fast growing production facility in Hengelo. Koolen Industries remains a minority shareholder position in Lithium Werks and we even expect that we will use each other's products", said Kees Koolen. Kees Koolen is convinced that Koolen Industries, like many of his other companies, will experience exponential growth. There are new developments going on in several areas: "This spring, we are installing a dozen home solutions, particularly in the Twente region. We test these extensively so that we are ready to supply them to people at home on a large scale. A number of developments are also underway for industrial applications, including the launch of new energy batteries. In the area of starter batteries, the business that Super B has started with, we are making good progress with large customers. I am happy to see we are working with a great team for and together with our customers."

About Koolen Industries

As Koolen Industries, it is our mission to enable everyone to contribute to the energy transition. Therefore, we provide smart energy solutions for consumers and businesses. Super B in Hengelo, The Netherlands is part of Koolen Industries and develops and produces high quality lithium batteries and battery management systems.

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Super B

Super B, a Koolen Industries company.

Super B develops and produces advanced lithium batteries. Super B’s lithium batteries offer the possibility to enjoy freedom and autonomy in a hassle-free and relaxed manner. Worrying about how long the battery will last is not necessary. Super B batteries offers huge energy reserves, weigh substantially less, are easy to install and will last considerably longer than other batteries. A battery with much more energy than ever before!

Be in charge. Super B.

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