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Koolen Industries subsidiary Energy Experience Group acquires solar panel installation company NovaVolt

Hengelo, The Netherlands, 23 March, 2020

Dutch clean energy conglomerate Koolen Industries’ solar subsidiary Energy Experience Group has acquired solar panel installation company NovaVolt Solar Energy for more than 5 million euros.

“Our customers will benefit, as they can now choose whether they want to buy their solar panels without any pre-payment from NovaVolt, or buy them at once from its sister company BonGo Solar,” said Hans Bouhof, CEO, Energy Experience Group.

“This will make it easier for people to become what we call ‘prosumers’, who not only produce the electricity they consume, but they also sell some of it back to the grid”, said John Grollé, General Manager NovaVolt. 

Currently, only 10% of Dutch homes have installed solar panels according to Holland Solar, but the market is set to expand dramatically in the years ahead.

“Combining the resources of NovaVolt…

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