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Smart Grid unleashed by Koolen Industries to tackle large-scale energy storage needs

Gerben Hilboldt (CEO Smart Grid and CTO Koolen Industries), Jos Blom (Strategic Advisor Koolen Industries)

Hengelo, The Netherlands, 6 February, 2020

Dutch clean energy conglomerate Koolen Industries has launched Smart Grid, a new energy storage company that will deliver integrated large-scale energy storage solutions, for its fast-growing international clients. These energy storage solutions will connect multiple batteries using smart software. Smart Grid is a spin-off company from lithium battery producer Super B, which received more demand for large-scale energy storage solutions.

“Smart Grid has emerged in response to a desperate need for a one-stop solution to the increasingly complex challenges faced by companies that are not only participating in, but also contributing to and driving, a rapid and essential transition to renewable energy,” said Gerben Hilboldt, CEO, Smart Grid and chief technology officer (CTO), Koolen Industries.

Smart Grid will be both an…

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