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Recap Koolen Industries Summer Event: From expense to revenue model with clean energy

What an unforgettable day it was! Last week, the first edition of the Koolen Industries Summer Event took place at the cleantech campus The Green Box in Hengelo. Nearly 450 enthusiastic entrepreneurs, advisors, and clean energy professionals came together to exchange knowledge and foster innovation. It was a day filled with enthusiasm, where one message rang crystal clear: the energy transition presents unprecedented opportunities!

And because we want to keep this momentum going, we have already reserved September 6, 2024, for the next edition of the Summer Event. Be quick and reserve your spot now for a day full of inspiration and valuable insights. Click here to go to the registration form.

Whether you were able to attend the event and want to delve deeper, or if you couldn't make it but still wish to benefit from the valuable knowledge and experiences gained, this article is for you. We’ll summarize the highlights of the keynotes and the top 4 breakout sessions, share valuable tips from the speakers, and directly connect you with the right people who can help you get started with your own clean energy system.

The Keynotes

Get inspired by unique perspectives on the energy transition from technology companies, customers, and financiers.

Kees Koolen on his vision of the energy transition and the opportunities for Dutch businesses

As an experienced entrepreneur, pioneer in the battery sector, and investor in over 25 cleantech companies, Kees offers a unique insight and brings together various perspectives. From the possibility of making electric trucks cheaper to operate than diesel trucks through the smart use of Renewable Fuel Units (HBEs) to the megatrends that will greatly accelerate and lower the cost of sustainable energy generation. He also draws a compelling parallel between the internet transition in the 1990s and the energy transition today.

"The tipping point in the energy transition has been reached! The technologies are reliable and getting better. Clean energy is now cheaper than fossil fuels, making investing in sustainable solutions and electrification even more attractive. This will lead to better techniques and lower prices, further accelerating the energy transition," – Kees Koolen

Kees' top tips:

- Don't wait, start now!

Starting now with clean energy often gives you a competitive advantage, such as in sustainable transportation. If you approach it smartly, you can already be financially better off than with a fossil fuel alternative.

- Don't go from 0 to 100 at once

Learn what works for your company and optimize from there. Think carefully about how you approach it to ensure that your energy system is scalable for the future.

If you want to seize the opportunities for your company, contact the Koolen Industries team now!

Paul Dijkstra from CTP on the role of the energy system in the business case of Amsterdam's most sustainable logistics center

Thanks to the collaboration with Koolen Industries, CTP has been able to realize an impressive energy system with 12,000 solar panels, 200 charging stations, and a state-of-the-art, customized Energy Management System (EMS). For CTP, the key to success was fully integrating energy into the business case, turning it into a source of income rather than just a cost.

Paul's top tips:

- You have control over the payback period of your energy investments. Through energy trading, selling your own generated power, HBEs, and many other possibilities, you become a provider instead of a consumer.

- Seek good advice, but also educate yourself! Acquiring, implementing, and running a clean energy system is a completely new topic for many parties. Therefore, seek good advice, but make sure you truly understand what it's all about.

Want to know more about the integrated energy system of CTPark Amsterdam City? Contact Robert Koole from Koolen Industries.

Max ter Linden from ABN AMRO on the impact of ESG objectives on energy project financing

Max provided us with the banks' perspective on the energy transition. Legally established sustainability obligations affect companies in all sectors. The more sustainable your company or project is, the more financing is available at lower interest rates and with greater involvement from banks.

Max's top tips:

- Sustainable business practices offer a competitive advantage.

Sustainability leaders save money because interest rates for sustainable projects are lower.

- Focus on measurable sustainability KPIs.

Demonstrate the actual impact to gain financing benefits.

The top 4 breakouts

Sharing knowledge about opportunities and possibilities in the field of clean energy was the goal of the breakout sessions. We accomplished that through 2 rounds of 10 interactive workshops. Here are the key takeaways from 4 of the workshop experts.

Help! My grid operator doesn't provide sufficient capacity. What now?

What options are available when the grid operator doesn't offer enough connected power or transport capacity? Ynte de Vries, CEO at The Green Box, explained the link between grid challenges and solutions that the various companies within the Koolen Industries group have already implemented in practice. Ynte’s top tips: - There are more possibilities than you think. Whether you're not allowed to feed back electricity to the grid, don't receive a larger connection, or temporarily need to consume less electricity, our group of companies has a solution ready for almost every scenario. - Think not only about the present but also about tomorrow. Ensure flexibility in your energy system so that you can respond to new developments in energy prices, availability, and grid limitations using smart software. Facing a grid limitation? Contact our one-stop-shop team to assess your options together!

Earning money with Renewable Fuel Units

Government contributions: What subsidy opportunities are available for you?

Get started with your own business case!

​Do you want to discover all the tips and insights from the other breakout sessions as well? Follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to our newsletter. In the coming months, we will share all the details extensively!

The Essence

"No one can do the energy transition alone, not us at Koolen Industries, nor you with your company. So let's collaborate and make clean energy available to everyone," said Kees Koolen to conclude the event. And that's the way it is! Therefore, we are organizing another Summer Event on September 6, 2024. This is where entrepreneurs, advisors, and professionals involved in clean energy come together to be inspired and exchange knowledge and experiences.

Register now for the 2024 Summer Event and secure your spot! Click here to access the registration form.

Get in touch

If you have any questions, suggestions, or want to learn more about how Koolen Industries can assist you in realizing a clean energy system, please don't hesitate to contact our team. We're here to help!

Robert Koole

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Together we're working towards a future with clean energy!


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