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Solar panels without investment.

NovaVolt makes solar power accessible for any household, offering installations without upfront investment that are financed through the resulting savings on the customer’s energy bill.


NovaVolt’s unique rent-to-own payment concept is designed to help speed up the transition to a clean energy future by making high-quality solar installations more accessible for all people.

How does it work? After a ‘no-strings-attached’ consultation, NovaVolt will install your solar panels without an upfront investment. All you pay is a monthly fixed cost similar to your usual electricity bill. Once the panels are paid in full, they are yours! Why choose NovaVolt?


With NovaVolt, you’ll be going solar in no time! Once you accept your quote, your bespoke solar panel set-up will be delivered to the NovaVolt HQ. Installation is quick and easy and most projects take only a day for our certified team to handle.



“NovaVolt are very proud of our services, we provide the best service for every roof and every household”.
Niels Kleer, CEO Koolen Industries Solar group


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