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Koolen Industries reinforces clean energy portfolio with investment in hydrozine company DENS

Hengelo, The Netherlands. October 27, 2021. Koolen Industries has invested millions of euros in DENS, which makes hydrozine, a liquid

hydrogen carrier that is safe, easy and cheap to store, transport and use.

DENS staff stand in front of Hyrdrozine technology

Hydrozine helps construction companies, farmers, miners, and others replace their diesel-powered heavy vehicles and equipment with clean solutions, even if they are far away from electricity grids or in areas where the grid might not have the capacity to deliver enough power for major projects. DENS is one of the most promising start-up technology companies in The Netherlands in terms of turnover potential, scalability, and innovative strength, according to consultants Deloitte.

“DENS will extend our existing capabilities in clean energy generation, conversion, storage and distribution in ways that will help us better serve industries that need electric heavy-duty vehicles and machines along with mobile energy storage” said Kees Koolen, Founder and CEO, Koolen Industries.

”Using hydrozine as a green fuel to generate clean energy on site makes it possible to refill hydrogen or charge electric heavy duty vehicles and machines in remote or difficult locations,” said Max Aerts, CEO, DENS.


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