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Koolen Industries invests in smart charging infrastructure

Hengelo, The Netherlands. 10 April 2019.

Koolen Industries gets involved in innovative charging solutions for cars, busses and trucks, by investing in Floading Energy Infra BV. “The biggest challenge to realize the energy transition is to be able to store energy. This happens through charging and discharging systems. For this reason this expansion of Koolen Industries’ investment portfolio is a logical step for us”, according to Kees Koolen, CEO of Koolen Industries.

Electric bus at a Floading charging station

In the next few years the world will massively migrate towards electrical vehicles. Floading Energy Infra BV wants to provide Europe with smart charging infrastructure that is connected to battery solutions. These charging solutions will not only focus on the automotive industry, but also facilitate the public transportation and freight traffic markets. Floading Energy offers solutions from 3kw for consumers, to 450kw connections for public environments.

The CEO of Floading Energy, Arnaud van der Sluis, has been involved in charging solutions for electrical vehicles for over 10 years. This allows Arnaud to use his knowledge and experience to close the gap between the complex vehicle industry and specialized charging infrastructure. According to Arnaud, the investment by Koolen Industries in Floading Energy is a strategic move: “We are very satisfied to have onboarded an experienced Tech investor like Koolen Industries commits itself to our company. Besides our technical capabilities it is important that we have the financial support for fast growth. Moreover, Kees Koolen has proven multiple times that a company is able to become a reliable technical partner in a short period of time.”


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