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Environmental and sustainability engineering jobs

At Koolen Industries, we’re driving the rapid transition to a clean energy future. Our more than 25 innovative group companies are solving right now problems as well as developing smart solutions - from cutting-edge battery systems to hyperloop transportation. As a member of the Koolen Industries family, that means access to the latest technologies, the chance to work on internationally unique projects, and the opportunity to contribute to a healthier, cleaner planet.

Diverse job opportunities for engineers

Our mission is to make clean energy the new normal for everyone. And we need robust technology solutions developed by experienced engineers to get us there. So whether you’re passionate about the intersection of software & energy infrastructure or want to develop the electrical solutions of the future, we’re looking for you!

Software engineering jobs

The future of energy will be smart and connected. And many of our group companies are developing platforms and software solutions to bring the power of data to energy infrastructure. Working with us, you will push the boundaries of digital, intelligent energy systems.

Electrical engineering jobs

Electronics are exciting, and our group develops some of the world’s leading electrical energy solutions - from state-of-the-art battery systems to powerful charging infrastructure. Working with us, you will accelerate the electrification of our planet.

Mechanical engineering jobs

To reach our clean energy goals, we need to build the physical infrastructure ready for the technologies of tomorrow - from integrated chargers to powerhouse container-based solutions. Working with our in-house engineering & manufacturing businesses, you’ll create the foundation for the energy transition.


What you can expect from us

A stable employer

We’re deeply invested in the success of our group companies and have solid financial backing for future growth.

A hands-on attitude

Across the board, we focus on getting the work done. And getting it done the right way.

Endless possibilities

Whether you want to grow in your role, switch over to another group company or develop entirely new ventures - we’re here to make it happen.

Passion for the energy transition

This is not just another job. Our teams are motivated, driven, and passionate about creating the solutions of tomorrow.

Commitment to our customers

We collaborate to deliver dependable solutions for our customers that stand the test of time.

Make a positive impact

Every installation we place and customer we help brings us one step closer to our goal - to move toward a cleaner, greener future and leave a positive impact on our planet.


Only together can we realize the energy transition.


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