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Emission-free power supply at any location.

DENS [Dutch Energy Solutions] is working towards a new reality where sustainable energy is the standard. They aim to help accelerate the energy transition through safe and reliable hydrozine generators and batteries that provide can zero-emission power anywhere on the planet.


Sustainable, silent alternatives for diesel-powered generators.

DENS makes silent Formic Acid or “Hydrozine” power generators with fuel cells that draw on easy fuel storage & transport and replace Diesel or gasoline generators. DENS generators produce no harmful emissions, make refueling easy, can handle high-peak power demands, and utilize freely-available renewables.


The Powerhub battery system by DENS stands apart from conventional solutions with its advanced technology, exceptional performance, heightened safety features, and impressive energy density. Designed to cater to a diverse range of needs, this cutting-edge system offers versatile capabilities for both on-grid and off-grid applications. Its scalable capacity up to 2.3 MWh makes this battery the perfect fit for nearly any application.

“Using hydrozine as a green fuel to generate clean energy on-site makes it possible to refill hydrogen or charge electric heavy-duty vehicles and machines in remote or difficult locations”. Max Aerts, CEO

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