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BonGo Solar

Towards a more sustainable world through solar power.

BonGo Solar delivers thousands of solar power installations each year, offering its customers a free roof scan and the option to rent instead of purchase solar panels.


BonGo solar is all about making solar energy easy and accessible for their customers. Alongside cost-saving rental opportunities, they also offer a handy roof scan that helps you to assess your own home and calculate the potential future savings and required investment costs of a solar installation. Their customer-first approach means you always walk away with an incredible result, just ask Jan and Karolien van Dam from Grootegast, “The installation went well and very smoothly. A customer-friendly, expert and good installation team who did everything neatly, even indoors, really great!” How BonGo Solar can help you:


BonGo solar offers an extensive range of solar panels at competitive prices. They work exclusively with trusted suppliers like AEG and DMEGC Solar to ensure you receive only the very best solar technology.


““BonGo Solar distinguishes itself by making customer satisfaction its most important goal.”
Niels Kleer, CEO Koolen Industries Solar group

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