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Truly autonomous cleaning robots.

Aziobot develops simple and truly autonomous AI-powered commercial cleaning robots that use less water, charge faster, and operate more efficiently than any alternative.

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The team at Aziobot have succeeded in developing the next evolution of cleaning machines designed to make your cleaning easier. Their new SB2 model is capable of cleaning all sorts of spaces from large to small, narrow and wide in short amounts of time whilst keeping noise to a minimum.

The Aziobot SB2 features:


The Aziobot SB2 has a state-of-the-art smart water management system paired with its 40L tank ensures your floor is sparkling clean with a minimum of refill.



“Aziobot is self-learning, which makes it really easy for users. You can create a zone and instruct the robot to clean only that zone. When it’s done, it will come back, and because every robot is connected the operator will get a message on their phone!”
Sarthak Yadav, Aziobot

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