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Be in charge

GRID offers a simple and reliable way to charge electric or hybrid cars. The free GRID app, with over 800,000 charging stations in the Netherlands, Germany and America, among others, always finds and navigates to a charging station nearby that meets your preferences.


GRID helps accelerate the energy transition by providing a user-friendly app that finds the best charging stations, regardless of location or personal preferences.

Our strategy is to create a central hub for finding charging stations, where users have access to an extensive network of charging stations, detailed information on charging speeds, (gasoline) prices and real-time navigation.

Become part of the GRID network

GRID Connect provides charging site owners with access to the GRID network and its users. This increases the visibility of the charging infrastructure and gives them insight into occupancy rates.

Advertising Platform

Financial Analysis

The GRID app is the central hub for discovering fast, convenient, and affordable charging stations nearby. Thanks to GRID's smart technology, drivers can always find the best deals for hassle-free charging.
Wesley Zantinge, Founder & CEO


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