Entrepreneurial Project Manager

18 December 2019
To realize the future of Koolen Industries we need top-level people that smell great business opportunities within our scope and are able to turn them into our projects. These people need to make sure these projects get done in the best possible way, which means customers and other stakeholders are happy before, during and after the project. Of course they achieve outstanding financial results on the projects and make sure the right people are always informed. In fact, these people are entrepreneurial within our group. Personality is very important!  


  • You have a realistic understanding of current and emerging technologies in the energy sector and agree regular reporting on progress and performance by correct numbers are key.
  • You smell and identify new business opportunities and are capable of turning them into our projects while building long term relationships with all involved.
  • You find the best people to work with you and are able to work together with them. While the group outperforms at the same time they develop their personal skills.
  • You always respect regulations but also show common sense. As result of your contribution all stakeholders express their highest appreciation on the outcome of the projects you contracted, executed and serviced afterwards.

Skills and attitudes

  • Bachelor/Master degree.
  • You have proven interest and knowledge about the emerging technologies in the energy sector.
  • You are business driven and are used to work with proven results.
  • You have a broad network and are able to influence people
  • You have negotiating skills
  • You work in an honest, transparent pragmatic nice way, you get things done.
We differentiate ourselves by getting things done.

Interested? Please send your motivation letter and resume to:
Koolen Industries, Attn.: Gerben Hilboldt, Demmersweg 3, 7556 BN Hengelo (OV), The Netherlands

+31 (0) 88 007 6000