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NieuweWeme Groep joins Koolen Industries to strengthen one-stop-shop for clean energy solutions

From July 1st 2021, the engineering and manufacturing firm NieuweWeme Group will become part of Koolen Industries. With this new acquisition, Koolen Industries brings in-house all the required capabilities to design, build, install, and maintain the group's smart and clean energy solutions.

NieuweWeme engineering office Oldenzaal

The acquisition of NieuweWeme Group is the logical next step to support Koolen Industries' rapid growth in delivering smart, clean energy solutions.

"With this addition to the group, we not only have incredible engineering capacity in-house but also acquired the expertise for electrotechnical assembly, developing various containerized solutions as well as charging stations for electric vehicles, trucks, and buses. This helps us to deliver even better "one-stop-shop" solutions for our customers who are facing complex challenges in the energy transition today. Think of combining EV charging with solar panels and battery storage solutions, all centrally connected through smart software", says Kees Koolen (CEO, Koolen Industries)

The NieuweWeme Group already has a long-standing history of collaborating with various companies from the Koolen Industries group. For Proton Ventures, NieuweWeme has previously developed specialized container solutions for the storage and transport of green ammonia - a solution for sustainable hydrogen storage. They support Battolyser by performing tailor-made customizations to existing container solutions. They work in close collaboration with Super B for the delivery of advanced lithium battery packs. They are SmartGrid's partner of choice, designing and building energy storage containers, battery racks, and energy storage trailers. And on top of that, NieuweWeme and Koolen Industries group company WeDriveSolar recently won The Netherlands' largest order for smart chargers, totalling 4650 units for the city of Rotterdam.

After 2 years as Chief Technology Officer at Koolen Industries, Gerben Hilboldt is taking over the role of CEO at NieuweWeme from the company's founder, Ben Nieuwe Weme. Ben will stay involved in the company's operations for the coming years to support Gerben in running the business.

About Koolen Industries

Koolen Industries’ mission is to make clean energy and clean mobility the new normal for everyone. Available. Attainable. Affordable. Koolen Industries invests in cleantech companies and enables its group companies to perform and co-create. By working together in the group and with outside partners, Koolen Industries delivers integrated clean energy & mobility solutions to customers through a one-stop-shop concept.

About the NieuweWeme Group

The NieuweWeme group consists of 4 separate businesses: NieuweWeme welding, NieuweWeme engineering, NieuweWeme technical assemblies, and NieuweWeme products. In a joint collaboration, they develop complete products and projects, engineer, produce and distribute all over the world. With this diversity of knowledge, experience, and expertise, NieuweWeme can move quickly, and provide a wide range of technical services while meeting their delivery times for both large-scale projects as well as ongoing production orders. Together with the customer, they identify possible solutions and evaluable the pros and cons of each alternative, so that all decisions are customer-driven and lead to the optimal result.

For more than 30 years, NieuweWeme is a prominent player in the region of Twente when it comes to developing sustainable products and projects across a wide range of sectors and customers. What started as a one-man show from a garage has grown into a sizable organization with more than 150 employees throughout NieuweWeme's diverse business units. From design to production and delivery, themes like "E=MC2", "Simplicity is modular conceptual thinking squared" and "Made in Holland" form the core of the company's values and activities.


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