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Koolen Industries Solar acquires majority stake in solar panel installation firm BeSolar

Schiedam, The Netherlands. 27 October, 2020.

The solar branch of Dutch clean energy conglomerate Koolen Industries has acquired a majority stake in solar panel installation firm BeSolar.

Rooftop solar panels
Corporate solar installation by BeSolar

With this acquisition, Koolen Industries Solar strengthens its position in photovoltaic systems installations in the western part of The Netherlands.

“As we join the Koolen Industries Solar family of companies, we look forward to both learn from our new colleagues and to contribute to rapid and continuous growth in the months and years ahead,” said Bram Klaassen, Founder and CEO, BeSolar.

BeSolar is capable to execute both photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal connector installations, which means that they can provide their customers with solar-powered electricity as well as heated water.

Giving the customers what they want

BeSolar has developed a reputation as a trusted supplier of high-quality solar panel installations with an unrivalled ability to offer professional advice based on extensive experience.

“BeSolar understands that customers do not want to just buy a solar panel installation, but they want professional advice as well to make a decision. The founders of BeSolar are perfectly capable of helping customers find the best solar panels for their needs,” said Sandra van der Hulst, CEO Koolen Industries Solar.

“Customers expect that you can always help them in case there suddenly is a malfunction”, said Wybren van der Linden, co-founder BeSolar.

BeSolar solar panel installation van

Wybren van der Linden and Bram Klaassen, who founded BeSolar in 2010, have been active in electronics and housing construction for 15 years.

“People are eager to both contribute to, participate in and benefit from the transition to clean energy. Wybren and Bram are installers themselves and have worked at customer’s homes every day for years. Therefore, they have an excellent understanding of what their customers want,” said Kees Koolen, Chairman and CEO, Koolen Industries.

About BeSolar

BeSolar is a PV installation company founded in 2010 by Wybren van der Linden and Bram Klaassen. They complete around 2500 solar panel installations per year. The firm provides consumers and businesses with professional and high-quality installations and is provides the customer with tailored advice. They believe they can only deliver quality to their customers if they take care of their employees and therefore BeSolar’s customers and employees are their top priority. BeSolar’s 25 employees deliver all solar panels with a smile.

About Koolen Industries Solar

Koolen Industries Solar (formerly Energy Experience Group), the solar energy division of Koolen Industries, is made up of six companies: BonGo Solar, Duurzaam Besparen, Koolen Installation Services, BonGo Solar Projects, NovaVolt Solar Energy and BeSolar. By generating sustainable energy, this group of companies fulfils an essential part of Koolen Industries’ mission to make clean energy available to everyone. Other companies in the Koolen Industries group are engaged in the storage, transport and delivery of clean energy.

The Koolen Industries Solar companies are affiliated with Stichting Garantiefonds ZonneEnergie. Together they install more than 75,000 solar panels per year for consumers and businesses. The companies only work with A-brand solar panels, inverters and substructure systems. The installation is fully in accordance with the NEN1010 standards. Solar panels can usually be installed within six weeks after purchase.

About Koolen Industries

The mission of Koolen Industries is to enable everyone to contribute to and participate in the energy transition. Generating clean energy from wind and the sun, and developing solutions that store, transport and deliver this energy, we provide consumers and industry with an autonomous life that is independent of the grid.

Koolen Industries is a group of companies that cooperate to offer complete, integrated clean energy solutions to companies and consumers. Whether it is about solar energy, lithium batteries, power to gas solutions, charging infrastructure or a combination thereof; Koolen Industries can transfer the wish of customers into reality.

Since its inception in 2019, Koolen Industries has brought a number of companies into the fold. These include solar panel installations companies BonGo Solar and NovaVolt, lithium battery maker Super B, energy storage company Smart Grid, electric charging infrastructure firm Floading Energy, green hydrogen and ammonia company Proton Ventures, mobile energy storage company GreenBattery, flow battery developer Elestor, cloud-based mobile energy storage platform provider Skoon Energy, EIT InnoEnergy, which invests in sustainable energy start-ups across Europe, AI robotics company Aziobot and Hardt Hyperloop.


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