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Koolen Industries appoints Boudewijn Tans as Chief Financial Officer

Hengelo, The Netherlands. 5 March 2020.

Dutch clean energy conglomerate Koolen Industries has appointed Boudewijn Tans as Chief Financial Officer. He will join the company with immediate effect.

Boudewijn Tans, Chief Financial Officer at Koolen Industries
Boudewijn Tans, Chief Financial Officer at Koolen Industries

Boudewijn joins from the investment bank at Barclays, where he was employed for close to 10 years. His career spans 16 years in finance. After graduating from his Master of Science in Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam, he became a specialist in mergers and acquisitions at Lazard. Following his move to Barclays, to support the build out of the bank’s mergers and acquisition practice, he also gained broad ranging experience in corporate financing, for example in bank financing, capital market transactions and IPO’s. Boudewijn has been active in the Power Utilities & Infrastructure sector and was responsible for some of the most notable recent transactions in Europe.

“I am excited by the ambitions of Koolen Industries and impressed by the exponential growth the company has been able to realize since inception. I look forward to join Kees and the excellent team of industry experts at Koolen Industries to support the growth of this company with my expertise in finance and investments and to actively take part in decarbonization of our globe” said Boudewijn.

Koolen Industries has spent the last year investing in companies that add capabilities that are in much demand as the world transitions to renewable energy.

“Koolen Industries has grown quickly on the back of a series of strategic investments and will continue to do so. As we prepare the next step towards combining expertise of our portfolio companies to be able to support our customers with integrated and complex energy systems. Boudewijn possesses not only broad financial skills, but a commercial instinct and a wealth of experience too. His decision to join Koolen Industries will further bolster our already strong senior management team” said Kees Koolen, Chairman and CEO, Koolen Industries.

About Koolen Industries

The mission of Koolen Industries is to enable everyone to contribute to and participate in the energy transition. Generating clean energy from wind and the sun, and developing solutions that store, transport and deliver this energy, we provide consumers with an autonomous life, independent of the grid.

Koolen Industries invests in and builds a group of companies that together will make sure renewable energy will always be available, whenever and wherever it is needed. Reliable and safe. Made possible by ingenious software.

Since its inception in 2019, Koolen Industries announced participations in BonGo Solar (solar panel installations), Super B (lithium batteries), Smart Grid (Energy Storage Systems), Elestor (flow batteries), Proton Ventures (clean energy storage in ammonia), Skoon Energy (cloud platform for renting mobile energy storage and mobile energy storage containers), Floading Energy (charging infrastructure), Hardt Hyperloop (hyperloop technology), Aziobot (a robotics startup developing a cleaning robot with revolutionary autonomous AI software) and EIT InnoEnergy, a company that invests in sustainable energy start-ups across Europe.

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