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Koolen Energy Projects

Choose the future. Choose clean energy.

Koolen Energy Projects makes the complex simple, providing integrated clean energy solutions for businesses - from generation, storage and charging to metering & smart control.


Many companies want to make their energy system more sustainable, motivated by their strategy and mission or because it is required by increasingly strict legislation. Finding a solution that fits well into the current situation and can also be managed intelligently so that it saves costs and maximizes income is often difficult. Because where are you going to start?

That's where Koolen Energy Projects comes into the picture. With years of experience in realizing clean energy projects and all the knowledge, expertise and products within the Koolen Industries group, they have a suitable solution for almost every project.

This is what you can expect from Koolen Energy Projects:


Koolen Energy project doesn’t only deliver products (like solar panels, EV chargers or energy storage solutions), but also smart software. This makes sure that your energy system is completely integrated and you get the maximum benefit from it, in both energy efficiency as well as revenues. Do you prefer to take it step by step? A modular approach is also possible!



“We’re driven to remove all hurdles that stand in the way of businesses transitioning to clean energy. It’s an exciting opportunity that every company should be able to tap into!”
Mark Schat, General Manager

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