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2022 in numbers: Our year in review

logos of all koolen industries group companies

With the year upon us, we took the time to look back on how 2022 has changed the clean energy landscape and how everyone in the Koolen Industries group has worked hard to contribute toward a rapid clean energy transition. It’s been a record-breaking year with more solutions installed, more funding for future impact raised and more development milestones reached than ever. Or as our founder, Kees Koolen, likes to sum up the year:

“Uncertainty if fossil fuels will be available at all, combined with volatile prices gave a boost to the demand for our clean tech solutions. At the same time, the grid faces challenges because of the fast growth of clean energy generation. With our group, we deliver solutions to many of those challenges for our clients. This year I saw the shift from talking about green energy technology to actually taking action and delivering solutions.”

27 group companies

We’re incredibly proud that our group has grown to 27 companies this year. Every one of these businesses brings a unique perspective to our solutions, all essential for progressing in a multi-faceted challenge as the energy transition.

And many of them have outgrown themselves in 2022. SmartGrid took in €18M in new orders, delivering battery storage solutions at scale. BeSolar doubled its store count, supporting customers with tailored, personalized advice on going solar. Sympower grabbed €25M growth funding, expanding the impact of their flex capacity platform. And that is just to name a few!

750+ team members

While the energy transition is a large-scale shift in technology, from traditional fossil fuel solutions to modern, often electric ones, people are the core driver behind this change. We need to make sure that new technologies are safer, easier, and more affordable so that they become widely accepted and integrated. We’re proud to have now more than 750 passionate people in the group that have chosen to make this their task every day.

And we don’t stop there. Our group currently has more than 100 open vacancies for fresh talent to support the impact of their work. Whether you’re looking for engineering jobs, opportunities in Marketing, or want to get your hands on hardware, there’s likely an exciting group company looking for you. Take a look at the shared job pool on LinkedIn or find the links to all group company vacancy listings on our career page.

1 mission

Our goal is to make clean energy affordable, attainable, and available for everyone. Every single team member’s contributions and all the impressive highlights from the group companies have brought us a step closer to delivering on that ambition. In the coming years, we will continue to do what it takes to accelerate the transition to a clean energy future. And there are many ways how you can contribute, too! Read our full review of the year to find out more.


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