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BeSolar Store

Your local partner for a sustainable home

BeSolar offers a local experience center for those who want to make their homes more

Sustainable. With a broad productrange from solarpanels, till heatpumps, but also infraredpanels and airco units.


BeSolar offers face-to-face service through its network of stores. With more than 10 years experience in making homes more sustainable, the BeSolar team can help you with tailor-made solutions, location assessment, installation and monitoring, and exceptional customer support.

It’s instore locations offer a unique opportunity to receive specialized advice not only on solar panels, but a wide range of sustainable products including air conditioners, home batteries, infrared panels, heat pumps, heat pump boilers, and charging stations.

BeSolar have installed energy solutions in more than 5000 homes all over the Netherlands and have helped even more people make informed decisions across our network of local stores. BeSolar store locations:


Den Haag

Krimpen aan den IJssel

Berkel en Rodenrijs





Pijnacker Maasland




“BeSolar helps customers find the very best solar solutions suited to their unique needs”
Bram Klaassen, Founder & CEO


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