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Discover the Koolen Industries
investment opportunities.

Clean energy will become one of the world's most significant industries in the coming years. To drive that change, we need to scale promising solutions, so that today's innovators become tomorrow's multinationals.

The Koolen Industries team has a track record building multi-billion dollar organizations, and we're determined to do it again together with our group of cutting-edge clean energy companies.

Become a group company.

At Koolen Industries, we foster connections between innovative businesses so we can move more quickly towards a sustainable future. We invest in companies that tackle right-now problems with right-now solutions, and innovators that are re-engineering our vision for the future.

Our group companies are led by passionate entrepreneurs that run their business in full autonomy with Koolen Industries as a strong partner and a catalyst for growth.

We support our group companies with:

Access to customers: We facilitate connections to entirely new customer segments through our innovative one-stop-shop.

Access to partners: We create space for collaboration between group companies for research, development, production and more.

Access to capital: We have invested close to €100M, and continue to do so when we see potential.

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The challenge ahead of us has never been bigger. And so are the consequences of not succeeding. Entrepreneurship will be the key ingredient in creating a clean energy future full of opportunities.

Kees Koolen CEO Koolen Industries

Kees Koolen
CEO, Koolen Industries

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Invest with Koolen Industries.

The world of clean energy innovations is expanding at a rapid pace.

Our team of industry and technical experts are talking to innovative companies every day, evaluating collaborations and scoping investment opportunities.


A technical innovation or a superior product are just the start, and far from a guarantee of mass-scale adoption. That's why we don't just provide capital. We're committed and actively involved in the commercial success of our group companies to achieve our joint ambition of realising €2 billion worth of clean energy projects by 2030.

Partner with Koolen Industries if you're a large-scale investor looking to support the energy transition with multi-million euros investments.

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